About Us

Connecting Science & Clinical Application

The Place We Started From

DNArails, Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014 by a group of young people in Taiwan, integrating the professional and experience in biomedical, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and information security. We continually development a simple, reliable and accurate genomic analysis tool.

The Job We Done

DNArails is unique in its capacity to quickly discover the biomedical meaning inside the gene. We develop data mining algorithm for data interpretation and apply machine learning technology for raising our data accuracy.

With these core technology, we build up a user-friendly and interactive platform – GENISYS, which could help you get rid of command-line interface and make variants annotation simpler, faster and more correct. Working with our GENISYS platform, the variants with clinically significant or new gene markers can be easily locked on.

Our current partners and clients include sequencing providers, healthcare organization, and research institutes, and it's our pleasure to have you in the future.

The Thing We Believe In

We believe that with our one-stop AI analysis platform, scientists and clinicians can practice genomic data into their research or clinical diagnosis and genetic test become more and more reliable and easy-to-access. In the end, you and I and every person who worries about his or her family hereditary issue or looking for the healthier life will be the biggest beneficial owner.

We start form Taiwan, and we want to create the better future for everyone in this world.