Unprecedented Analysis Experience

There are already many software and cloud-based platform that can quickly help to call the gene variants from sequencing data. However, very scare tools can provide the cross-database comparison, interpretation of clinical significance, case-control or trio family analysis of these genetic variation data.

DNArails Genomics Platform will dramatically accelerate the efficiency of biomedical research. Starting to upload VCF file and explore your science journey.

DNArails Database

Data Management of
Intuitive Analysis Platform

The page of sample and analysis management clearly show the processing and sharing status of your files. You also can search for the sample you need by tags labeling and project management functions, then view the data or share it.

Three Analysis Model

DNArails Genomics Platform has three analysis models including single, case-control, and trio family. Trio family is also divide into four types according to inheritance patterns (autosomal dominant, autosomal & compound recessive, X-linked dominant, and X-linked recessive).

DNArails Three Analysis Model
DNArails Database

Clear and Understandable
Analysis Results

DNArails Genomics Platform provides an overview of analysis results to know the distribution trend of genetic variations. Furthermore, three independent pages have the different charts of their unique features. It can be easily obtained the related information of filtered variants in cancer, disease, or functional prediction. Each analysis will generate more than twenty useful graphs and tables.

Fantastic Performance
of Dr. Score

DNArails Genomics Platform provides Dr. Score that has the highest performance to predict the neutral and deleterious mutations (MCC = 81.9%, ACC = 90.8%, FDR = 0.046).

DNArails Database

Comprehensive Databases and
Reporting / Sharing Functions

DNArails Genomics Platform provides two versions (GRCh37/hg19 and GRCh38) databases for investigators to annotate genetic variation data. More than 50 databases will regularly update and give you the latest genomics associated research information. Reporting and sharing functions will enable users easily to share the results with partners.

Platform Features

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