Intuitive Interface

Processing your data with the graphical user interface and all annotated result will be classified and display in designed charts and tables.

Flexible Analysis Flow

Multiple upload file options, different analysis mode, and self-assembly filter condition are provided to fit all kind of experimental design.

Sample Management

Grouping your sample by project and highlight the mutation that you interested in for further investigation.



A variants annotation analysis platform for genetic researchers. With visualization interface and flexible analysis parameters, you can easily identify the genetic markers valuable for your research.

  • Draw your genome story with data visualization tool.
  • Automated annotate with more than 50 databases.
  • Apply machine learning algorithm to optimize the self-developing protein loss-of-function prediction model.
  • Pinpoint valuable new genetic markers with flexible filtrating function.



A quality checking tool designed for clinicians. You can monitor next-generation sequencing data quality, backup sample files and manage all data at once.

  • Supported file format includes FASTQ, BAM and VCF files.
  • Provide default QC parameters following the recommended released by FDA and NYSDOH.
  • Automated backup service. All uploaded files will be automated backup to the world-leading security cloud service system.



Metagenomics has moved to another level since the researchers could investigate microbial biodiversity more rapidly and comprehensively with NGS technology. More and more fields benefit from that, such as medicine, agriculture, and ecology. However, the big data problem comes up with this. The researchers need an efficient and stable analysis tool to deals with the rapidly-grow-data. MeTaxon is a visualized analysis tool designed for NGS-based 16S rRNA sequencing data. It provides semi-automatization analysis flow with data QC and flexible grouping function. Users can reanalysis samples based on different purposes to find out the critical species with well-designed and interactive graphics.