Genetic Information System (GENISYS) is a one-stop genomic medicine assistant system. Combining the concept of precision medicine and electronic health record, the GENISYS platform allows clinicians and researchers analyzing the genomics data for different proposal, including prenatal testing, inherited diseases, cancer risk and drug response, at one place and all result can be seamlessly used. All information delivered on GENISYS comes from reliable databases worldwide and we also apply AI technology to our platform to improve the accuracy of the analysis.


A variants annotation analysis platform for genetic researchers. With visualization interface and flexible analysis parameters, you can easily identify the genetic markers valuable for your research.

  • Draw your genome story with data visualization tool.
  • Automated annotate with more than 50 databases.
  • Apply machine learning algorithm to optimize the self-developing protein loss-of-function prediction model.
  • Pinpoint valuable new genetic markers with flexible filtrating function.



A quality checking tool designed for clinicians. You can monitor next-generation sequencing data quality, backup sample files and manage all data at once.

  • Supported file format includes FASTQ, BAM and VCF files.
  • Provide default QC parameters following the recommended released by FDA and NYSDOH.
  • Automated backup service. All uploaded files will be automated backup to the world-leading security cloud service system.



A cancer-related variant calling tool for sanger sequencing data. Upload testing data, you can identify onset condition and monitor treatment response.

  • Provide fast analysis of AB1 files.
  • Target on more than 30 cancer-related mutation hotspot.
  • Annotate with reliable cancer databases and provide clinically useful information.
  • Objective assessment for double peak variant sites.


Get a fix on the variants with clinical significant in next-generation sequencing data through the built-in classification system.The analysis results can give clinicians some hint to assess the risk of cancer, find out the cause of heredity diseases or make better health plan.

  • Quickly identify precise clinical significance by variants classification pipeline.
  • Support clinical decision by the interpretation result from reliable diseases databases and latest published papers.
  • Apply machine learning algorithm to raise the analysis accuracy.


The GENISYS analysis management platform. You can import all analysis result from the different tool and make an official report for our clients.

  • Customizable report temple.
  • Manage and trace all examination timeline.
  • Highly security encryption and automatically data backup.