The DNArails Genomics Analysis Platform is a visualization of cloud-based genomics computing platform which fulfills a comprehensive range of human genome analysis requirements, including sequencing quality, mutation impact, and categorization of mutations based on default or customized guidelines. The platform provides simplified data management and analytical sequencing data to gain meaningful insights in biomedicine through visualization and user-friendly interface.



Platform Highlights

- Sample Management & 3 Analysis Models
- Annotation with over 50 Latest Databases
- One Analysis Produces over 20 Useful Charts
- Exceptional Performance of Dr. Score to Predict the Pathogenic Degree of Variants
Establish Private Databases & Reports
- Global Collaboration and Data Sharing

DNArails Genomics Analysis Platform will dramatically enhance the efficiency of biomedical research. Start with uploading VCF file and exploring your science journey.

For more details about DNArails Genomics Analysis Platform, please learn from our documentation or DNArails official website.