Security is the most critical when uploading the files to the cloud, especially the security of genomic data. The security features of platform include user authentication, client-side encryption, encrypted TLS channels with HSTS for data transfer, RSA keys with 4096 and 2048 bits length for transfer, and AES-256 encryption for disk volumes. In addition, uploaded and processed data are protected by SSL using 256 bits Salted Hash Key. All of the data and analysis results are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is the leading security standard for cloud service system accepted industry-wide around the world.

Data Security

1. User logs onto the platform
2. Data is upleaded to an encrypted storage bucket
3. Computing units securely pull data from cloud storage
4. Computing units are able to securely share data
5. Automated backups of databases
6. Final results are uploaded to cloud storage

There is a deep analysis result of the configuration of our SSL web server on the public Internet by Qualys SSL LABS:

The DNArails Genomics Analysis Platform can be run in a Virtual Private Cloud, as a local deployment, or a hybrid solution of the two. This allows you to use the Platform for processing highly confidential data that must remain offline.