Set Filtering Parameters

DNArails Genomics Analysis Platform provides an advanced filter builder for users. It include Gene Set and Filters.

You can set their customizer filter function by the advance filter function. This platform provides AND, OR and NOT condition with different type of categories and value to do flexible filter analysis. And you can select TruSight Cancer Sequencing Panel, Hight impact, all COSMIC’s primary site and Reviewed by Expert Panel from ClinVar but the Allele Frequency cannot upper than 0.05. The overview of condition can see below.


  • Apply

Apply the filters to the analysis results. If you want to reload the analysis results page by the current filters, use the Apply button instead of reloading the browser.

  • Save

Save the current filters.

  • Load

Load the saved filters and Apply it.

  • Clear

Clear the Advanced Filter Builder and reload the analysis results page.


Gene Set

Select a panel to filter the genetic variations that you are interested in. You also can import a customized panel for filtering. (See Create Panels)



There are 5 categories of the filter builder: General Filter, Cancer Related Filter, Disease Related Filter, Functional Prediction Filter and Allele Frequency Filter. All filters could be connected by AND/OR/NOT conditions.

1) General Filter(Require Type/Sub-Type)




    *Exonic Function

2) Cancer Related Filter(Require Type/Sub-Type)

3) Disease Related Filter(Require Type/Sub-Type)

4) Functional Prediction Filter(Require Type/Sub-Type/Value)

5) Allele Frequency Filter(Require Type/Sub-Type/Value)



  1. An analysis result like this:
  2. Set your favorite filters. (All variants and high Impact level)
  3. Click Apply.
  4. After applying the filter parameters: