Panel management allows you to create your own panel / gene set to be used in the analysis result filter.

1. Create panel or gene set

There are two kinds of creating panel detail, the first one is by TABLE INPUT.

This method has some several requirements:
# You can select your customize panel in general filter of analysis and quickly search what variants are you interested in.
# Enter or paste HGNC gene symbols, Ensembl gene IDs, or dbSNP rs_IDs to build your own panel.
# The file must contain one row for each target.
# We will automatically discard your uploaded targets if that can not be identified.

# Enter HGNC gene symbols : BRCA1
# Enter Ensembl gene IDs : ENSG00000012048
# Enter dbSNP rs_IDs : rs41293455

You can fill the text area with your gene ID, and then click CREATE TABLE to put into the TARGET LIST.

If you are sure with the input, you can click CREATE NEW PANEL, and we will check whether the gene name exists in our database or not. We will provide the total of Target ID which exists in our database.

The second method is via FILE BROWSER. You can upload your own file to create panel / gene set.

The file must conform to the following format: 
# File extension must be .xlsx, .xls, or .txt.
# Must contain one row for each target.
# Targets may be identified by HGNC gene symbols, Ensembl gene IDs, or dbSNP rs_IDs
# Only one type of identifiers can be used at a time.


2. Update panel or gene set

You can UPDATE by adding or removing gene inside your saved panel / gene set.

We provide RELATION tab to show in which ANALYSIS PARAMETER FILTER you apply your panel / gene set.

To edit panel / gene set information please click EDIT.

You can also DOWNLOAD or REMOVE panel / gene set


3. Default panel

DNArails also provide some default Panel / Gene Set :
1. TruSight Cancer Sequencing Panel
2. TruSight Cardio Sequencing Panel
3. TruSight Inherited Disease Sequencing Panel
4. TruSight Myeloid Sequencing Panel