Sample list will show all of the sample that you have. You will have six default demo samples from DNArails. Each sample has its own details and connection, for example, relation to the analysis or relation to the tags.

1. Details

Details will show important information about the sample.


2. Relation

Relation will show about the connection between each sample and analysis. It means that the samples are being used by the analysis inside this tab.

If you click the analysis button in the relation tab, it will show you the detail about the analysis and you can view the analysis result by clicking VIEW ANALYSIS.

3. Tags

This tab will show all the tags that a sample has. You can set their own tags at the TAGS menu.


This tab will show sample that has been shared to you. You can only view the QC Summary of the sample, and can only view the details. You can not use the sample for analysis.

If other user shares their sample, we can choose whether want to accept or decline the sharing. Once accepted, only user that shares the sample can unshare it.

5. Functions

You can select multiple samples by checking button on the right side of sample name. If you select one or more samples, at the top of the page will appear some functions.

5.1 QC Summary
To view the QC Summary result.

5.2 Edit
To edit the sample information.

5.3 Download
To download the original VCF sample file.

5.4 Share
You can share sample to other users by clicking SHARE. It will show a dialog box providing sample name, email address that you will share their sample to, and message. If email doesn't exist in our system, we will automatically cancel the sharing.

5.5 Delete
To remove samples.

5.6 Re-activate
To re-activate the sample. We will charge user according to the sample file size.