User Dashboard

Interface Introduction

The interface of DNArails Genomics Analysis Platform can be divided into four parts (1: Sidebar / 2: Main Content / 3: Tutorial & Notification / 4: Information) to help users more easily to set information and analyze your data.

1. Sidebar

The sidebar will show the complete categories of entrance with trigger mousemove. User can quickly select what you want to do and clearly view the data numbers and status in your account.

2. Main Content

The main content will present the operation details, analysis results, parameters setting, or information fill in.

3. Tutorial & Notification

The tutorial icon will appear automatically when the main content has operational guidance.

Click the tutorial icon will use step-by-step to guide you how to use the functions in this page. You can click NEXT or BACK to view each step of operating introduction, click SKIP or any place of background to leave the description mode.

The DNArails Genomics Analysis Platform provides notification system that can notice you immediately with any event on the platform. The items of message notification include:

- Data upload success / fail
- New analysis finish
- Receive the sharing data from other users
- Data expiry

The bell icon shows how many notification events you have not yet read.

Click the bell icon to display all notification events according to the occurrence time. You can click on each event and immediately view the relative sample information for that event.

Besides the notification push on the platform, the system will send a message to your registered mail at the same time. You can set whether or not to receive the notification based on your preference.

4. Information

The information area will present the different menu based on the account type. All of the users can manage the ACCOUNT and LOGOUT of the platform from here. In addition, the distributors have another two items CLIENTS and BILLING to manage the service objects and data upload history.