Upload Data

Upload a sample starts from this figure, we support .vcf file or .vcf.gz file to be uploaded to our platform. At the right side there will be an upload summary for you to see the available deposit and total of uploaded file size. An estimated charge will be counted at the the end of the summary.

1. Start Uploading

After choosing a file, there will be details to be filled in. Your sample will be queued as a list, with some details for example: name, gender, genome build, sequence type, tags, and file size + charge. You can directly add tags to each sample and you can also add new tags if you do not have any tags.

2. Sample Tagging

Adding new tags will give you choice to choose tag name and color.

You can choose multiple tags to be added in one sample.

3. Confirm Upload

If you are sure with your sample, you can click CONFIRM UPLOAD. If your deposit can not cover the file size and charge, CONFIRM UPLOAD button will be disabled and there will be a warning. Once the deposit can cover all of the charge, confirmation page will appear. There will be summary about your uploading content. You can CONFIRM UPLOAD and START UPLOADING. Important note : Do not close your screen while the uploading process is still running, otherwise it will be failed.